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Covid-19 Policy

Effective  August 28, 2020


        At Red Balloon Daycare our first priority is the health and well being of all the children in our care. With the presence of the novel Coronavirus, we have been taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of everyone by following the lead and recommendations set in place by Interior Health, Licensing Direct, and leading health authorities. As Red Balloon Daycare follows the progress of Coronavirus, we will be adjusting policies and procedures as necessary.


       All staff, children and family members are asked NOT to attend or enter the premises if they experience any of the following symptoms (Taken from government of Canada website,

  • new or worsening cough

  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • temperature equal to or over 38°C

  • feeling feverish

  • chills

  • fatigue or weakness

  • muscle or body aches

  • new loss of smell or taste

  • headache

  • gastrointestinal symptoms (abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting)

  • feeling very unwell

 **Children have been more commonly reported to have abdominal symptoms, and skin changes or rashes**


Amended October 1st, 2020: Children/staff are able to attend the center with symptoms of CLEAR runny nose and a mild cough. If any other symptoms accompany these, runny nose is green or dark yellow, and cough is persistent and/or severe, children/staff will be asked to refrain from being at the center.


       At this point in time, Red Balloon will continue to/implement the following in response to Covid-19:


  • Sanitizing all surfaces thoroughly at the end of day and as often as needed (doors, light switches, toys, tables, counters, etc.)

  • Continuously ensuring and encouraging that children and staff are thoroughly washing hands between all transitions, before and after eating,after using the washroom, immediately after touching eyes, mouth, nose or anyone’s face, dealing with bodily fluids, and any other times where handwashing is deemed necessary

  • Encouraging as much social distancing and contact as is possible within the center

  • Limiting entry to daycare for only staff, supporting staff for children and families enrolled

  • Continuously monitoring the health of staff and children on a day to day basis

  • Contactless temperature readings will be taken and logged when staff and children first arrive, and in the afternoon/after school. Families and staff are asked to do a more thorough self screening before arriving at the center (also posted outside out center doors).


       If during drop off/arrival any child exhibits any of the aforementioned  symptoms, or gets a temperature reading for screening, they will be asked not to attend for the day by any member of staff, and only return when all symptoms improve/resolve, OR as advised by a healthcare authority. 

If the child exhibits any of the aforementioned symptoms during their stay at the center, staff will place calls in order of primary and emergency contacts until someone is reached to pick up the child immediately. The child will only only return when all symptoms improve/resolve, OR as advised by a health care authority.


       If any staff member exhibits any of the aforementioned symptoms at any point before or during their shift, they will be asked to leave immediately, and only return when all symptoms improve/resolve, OR as advised by a health care authority.


       All staff and children experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms during their attendance at the center will be distanced from everyone else immediately in the safest way possible for the entire group. Staff will need to wear masks if unwell or helping a sick child. Handwashing will be exhibited constantly by any member involved with sick persons, and a thorough disinfecting of the area and all equipment used will be done immediately after the sick person leaves. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, staff and families of children may be advised to contact a health care official and asked to keep the center updated on the recommendations they were given.


       Any child or staff member may be asked to follow a 14 day isolation period by a health official if any Covid-19 related symptoms are observed, they are waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test, they are confirmed positive for COVID-19, they are a close contact to a person confirmed for COVID-19, OR they have travelled outside of Canada. If this occurs, they may only return to the center once their isolation period has ended.


       If Red Balloon Daycare experiences a shortage of staff due to staff members becoming ill, the center may unexpectedly decrease the capacity amount for children in the program, or temporarily close the program down until a suitable and qualified replacement is found or the staff member is able to return once more. It is the responsibility of the child’s parent/guardian to make arrangements for alternate care, or to stay home during this time.


      In the event that Red Balloon Daycare is exposed to any persons testing positive for Covid-19, the center will follow the direction of Interior Health. If advised to by public health, staff members will contact families of all the children to notify them on how the center will proceed. It is the responsibility of the child’s parent/guardian to make arrangements to STAY HOME should public health advise of any program/center closures and isolations.


       If a program or center shut down is required, the center facility will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during the closure time. In order to set a safe reopening date, Red Balloon Daycare will continuously assess the situation and proceed according to public health advisement. All families will be updated via email or phone as needed on the situation or any new developments.


       It is the responsibility of the staff and child’s parent/guardian to inform the center of any travel to any known affected areas/hot spots, any travel outside of Canada, any symptoms that they may be exhibiting (mild or severe), pending of a COVID-19 test, or any advisement given to them by public health. It is also the responsibility of the staff and a child’s parent/guardian to make arrangements to STAY HOME in accordance with our policies.


       Red Balloon Daycare and all its members are NOT responsible for any loss of work for staff, shortage of staff, or time needing to be taken off by parents/guardians due to any COVID-19 related events.


       Red Balloon Daycare reserves the right to terminate any contract between their staff and/or families if they feel any important information, resulting in putting the health and well-being of the children in their care in jeopardy, has been withheld or falsified. 


       We would like to thank everyone for their support and cooperation during these times. We understand that these times are not easy for anyone, but we firmly believe that by working together and communicating openly, we can continue to provide the best possible care for all our children and continue to keep all our families and staff safe.

COVID-19 Fees Policy

Effective August 20, 2020


       In accordance with the Federal and Provincial governments, Red Balloon Daycare is implementing the following policies regarding fees and spot security during the state of pandemic for Covid-19. As the situation progresses and new information becomes available/government requirements change, policies will be adjusted accordingly and amended copies of the policy will be handed out to families.


       As of September 1, 2020 , Red Balloon Daycare is no longer required to prioritize their spaces for ESWs and can invite regular families back to their previous spaces. 


       If a family decides to not return as of September 1, or they choose to withdraw temporarily from the program after September 1, due to Covid-19 concerns, it is within the rights of Red Balloon Daycare to:

  • Charge a fee to hold the spot(s) for that family

  • Temporarily offer the spot to another family until the original family decides to return

  • Permanently offer the spot to another family based on the original family’s intentions

  • Permanently offer the spot to another family if fees can not be paid for their withdrawn time


       If fees are not paid to hold the spot while a family chooses to withdraw from the center, and there is not another family able to temporarily fill that spot, the original family will lose their spot. The original family is only able to return if they are able to maintain their monthly fees and ONLY if there are any available open spots for them in their desired program.

       As stated in the Red Balloon Daycare Parent Handbook, should a family choose to withdraw their child from enrollment with a full 30 days notice, they are entitled to their full deposit refund. If no sufficient notice is given (less than 30 days), Red Balloon Daycare is not required to refund a paid deposit.

If Red Balloon Daycare temporarily closes or care is revoked due to any Covid-19 related issue, including a shortage of staff:

  • Any fees already paid will be credited or reimbursed only for the days no care was received

  • Monthly fees may be prorated as necessary for any new fees to adjust to dates no care was received


       We hope that this information sheds light on any concerns regarding our policies for payment during COVID-19. If you have any further concerns, feel free to discuss it with our management staff.


       To see more detailed information regarding the guidelines set in place by both the provincial and federal government which helped create this document, follow the following links:

Covid-19 Action Plan

 Effective November 9, 2020



  • When weather permitting choose to spend as much time outside as possible. This includes having snacks and meals, and doing planned learning activities outside.

  • While inside ensure that the centers mechanical heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are working properly. If you have any doubt about how efficiently these systems are working, immediately check into it with management.

  • When weather permitting, keep windows or doors open to ensure fresh air circulating through the center.



  • Daily cleaning tasks are to be kept up throughout the day at the center

  • If any visibly dirty surfaces are noticed, they must be cleaned and disinfected

  • As the center has continued to do, end of day cleaning will continue to include disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces (door knobs, light switches, etc.), using the daycare provided disinfecting spray to disinfect all toys and play areas, mopping the floor using a disinfecting cleaner. 

  • When helping children with changing diapers, changing soiled clothes, or cleaning blood/other bodily fluids, staff are expected to wear disposable gloves and wash hands afterwards



  • The center must continue to follow licensing regulations regarding staffing and child ratios

  • When possible, try to limit the time that the Group and OOSC spend together in the half hours permitted at the beginning and end of the day



  • During drop off/pick up, the persons responsible for their child are asked to remain in the “drop off zone” (by their designated front door/ outside our yard fence)

  •  Staff are encouraged to keep their distance between themselves and the person responsible for their child as best as possible, and avoid all unnecessary contact

  • Avoid as much physical contact as possible between staff members

  • Staff should avoid as much prolonged close, face to face interactions with the children as possible

  • Staff MUST NOT completely eliminate close contact with children, as it is important to recognize the importance of their emotional, physical and developmental need

  • Staff should try and  plan activities and curriculum that encourage children to minimize physical contact with each other

  • Encourage everyone to keep as spread out/have their own space as possible



  • Children are to be reminded to only handle their own water bottle and food items

  • Surfaces used to prepare/serve food should be cleaned and sanitized before and after

  • Hand washing must be observed by any staff each time they handle food

  • Children are advised to wash their hands before and after meals

  • Families are asked not to bring home made food items to share with the children at the center at this time

  • Washing and sanitizing of all reusable dishware, utensils and cups after each use is to be continued at all times



  • If it is determined that a person with COVID-19 was in the center when they may have potentially been infectious, public health will work with the center staff to understand who may have been exposed and will notify everyone considered a close contact

  • Staff should not notify others about potential or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the center unless specifically directed to by public health



  • All staff members, children and any visiting personnel are required to wash their hands upon entering the center

  • Regular hand washing is to be observed by all persons in the center throughout the day. Specifically during the following circumstances:

    • After using the washroom

    • After changing diapers, changing soiled clothes, or dealing with blood/other bodily fluids

    • Before and after snack and meal times

    • Before handling food

    • After blowing noses

    • Before and after touching the face area, or hands go inside the mouth

    • If one accidentally coughs and sneezes into their hands

  • In the case that washing with soap and water is not available, hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol can be used

  • Hand sanitizers are provided at front door entrances and outdoor space

  • Children should be supervised or assisted in using hand sanitizer



  • Children and staff should

    • Cough and sneeze into their elbow sleeve or a tissue

    • Throw away used tissues and immediately perform hand hygiene

    • Not touch their eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands



  • Staff and children personal items can be brought to the center and MUST be kept in their personal “cubby” space

  • Sharing of personal items is discouraged between anyone, except sibling groups

  • Children’s personal items should be labeled as to not get confused with someone else

  • All personal items MUST be taken home to wash every Friday, or parents are free to take their children’s items home every day to wash if they so desire



  • Personal protective equipment is defined by the center as gloves, masks or face shields

  • Personal protective equipment is only mandated as part of regular precautions for hazards normally encountered in the regular course of work

  • Gloves are to be used as stated in “CLEANING/DISINFECTING”

  • Gloves and masks must be worn by staff when caring for a child exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or if they themselves exhibit symptoms of COVID-19

  • Masks are no longer mandatory, as of July 1st, for any parent/guardian entering the building during drop off and pick up, but is still encouraged when interacting with staff. Staff are still required to wear a mask when interacting with any parent/guardian, and when any persons outside of staff are present for any period of time until such time as Red Balloon deems it is no longer required.

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