K - Gr. 5

subsidy AVAILABLE!

!! SCHOOL is OUT !!

!! SCHOOL is OUT !!

K - Gr. 5

subsidy AVAILABLE!

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Whether Spring Break or Summer Break; SCHOOL is OUT!

No matter which, our children still need constant stimulation. With the addition of educational activities, outdoor adventures, and the occasional guest speakers/ entertaining field trips, the spring/ summer program becomes a more fulfilling curriculum with both hands-on and problem-solving FUN!

     While attentiveness and care for the children is a priority, we take special measure to ensure that our staff is qualified. Our staff are fully licensed and vetted educators. Red Balloon Daycare requires that all of our attending staff be First-Aid certified and be cleared by a Criminal Record Check.

*The daycare closes for 2 weeks during summer*

These dates are posted at the center in advance.

     Spring Break/ Part-Time: $50/day

     Summer Full-Time: $950/month


*PT & FT rates above are per child*

*Family discount of $50/ month for registration of siblings*

*No Deposit needed for Spring Break / Summer Break Program*

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